Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  ps dd51b74c90 fix bug when trying to enable ssl and not suceeding. now we handle it gracefully instead of failing and randomly crashing 9 years ago
  ps 25b8d879d9 add spf-fail to the headers 9 years ago
  ps b765b6f2fd X-Hermes-Status also reports whether you are authenticated 9 years ago
  ps cc73e91bf8 add the add_status_header_if_dns_listed option 9 years ago
  ps a9ce0d5e33 small logic bufix 9 years ago
  ps 4e1b41b6c8 more logging fixes 9 years ago
  ps ec86bc0345 fix a small logging issue 9 years ago
  ps 5d739b4993 fix small bug in the percentage estimation optimization 9 years ago
  ps 2dde08953a add option to control verboseness of log 9 years ago
  ps f1bd5df29d report PID at startup 9 years ago
  ps 2bd7b46623 fix stats submission 9 years ago
  ps 126d365cfe make filelogger log more similar to unixlogger 9 years ago
  ps 240ec11ee0 more fixes for win32 9 years ago
  ps ff7e5aaf24 more ifdefing out for win32 9 years ago
  ps b9cbfe2e39 fix typo 9 years ago
  ps 8d10e18580 ifdef out a few unix specifics for win32 9 years ago
  ps 51096becb9 fix small detail and naming, because on win32 pthread_t<>unsigned long 9 years ago
  ps b5311dd121 ifdef out a few unix specifics for win32 9 years ago
  ps 2adab1b824 fix typo 9 years ago
  ps 4853a7ca47 quick get_canonical_filename version for win32 9 years ago
  ps 9adb553f14 addapt filelogger to the new logging infraestructure 9 years ago
  ps 920c8e4fbb update revision in preparation for release 9 years ago
  ps 4ee4f74a66 fix NullLogger to work with the new logging interface 9 years ago
  ps a5ee8d8885 fixed bug when submitting stats 9 years ago
  ps 98989ab0b8 fix small typo when logging 9 years ago
  ps 1c5b70b2a6 make the main loop lists the children id instead of the pthread_id 9 years ago
  ps 3b0c15ac6f revamped logging system to make it more clear 9 years ago
  ps b8e6af28fe print a small log message with the config file name 9 years ago
  ps bd26b9cb2a Update changelog 11 years ago
  ps 75aec761c3 disable CHUNKING extension 11 years ago